Saturday, September 16, 2006

First one since the last one.

Well it has been a good long while since i put finger to keyboard,so i guess it's about time i did something about it.
Apart from work and home-life there's not really been much happening that is worthy of note.
Work has been it's usual mundane crap-fest,and the less said about it the better.
Home-life is a lot better than that tho,with Gill still managing to put up with me.
god knows how she is managing to tollerate me without sticking a meat cleaver throught my head.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The state of the country today

What has happened to this country these days?
School children can't even go to school without being attacked in broad daylight.
On Thursday,my work colleague received a phone call from his wife saying that their 17 year old daughter had been attacked on her back to school after lunch.
A woman sitting in her car witnessed the attack.
She said that the girl was running to school as she was late back. A man approached her and pushed her in the chest and then punched her in the face twice causing the girl to fall to the ground. He was about to lay the boot in when 2 men got out of their van and chased the guy,catching him half a mile away and detaining him until the police arrived.
The poor girl has her nose broken and face all battered and bruised.
It makes you wonder if it's safe putting your head out the front door these days.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Work..hazordous to your health.

While going about my daily working tasks on Friday,a slight accident occured which could have had fateful consequences.
i was unloadin a wagon which was delivering our stores restaurant stock when a cage riolled off his tail-lift and hit a stationary vehicle. Upon examining it the car had only superficial paint marks but no dents or bumps. Not the end of the saga though....while loading up his empty cages,his sdie tail lift came loose and 2 empty cages fell from 7 feet and hit the pavement narrowly missing an oncoming car.
If the driver of the car had not been as quick on his brakes as he was the cages would have gone through his wind screen.
Luckily there was no-one hurt and no damage caused.
Work can truly be hazordous to your health.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back to work blues.

Well i was going to post a little something yeasterday,but as it was my first day back since having a week off,i thought it best to wait until day 2 had reared it's ugly head.
Today was no better than yesterday as all i got at work was.".can i have this".."can you do that for me"..."how do i do this?"

Work these days is a never ending battle of dodging inane questions from imbeciles who are too lazy to lift a finger for themselves. I hate to say it but at times i almost miss the good ship F&H,ably manned by Cap'n Pugwash and his cabain boy Semen Stains.

Well,i did say "almost miss",the only thing i do miss about it is the crack we used to get taking the mick out of customers and fellow co-workers......"DIVE..DIVE..DIVE" and "1...2.........3........WAHEYYYY"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Another year together.

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary and i am still wondering how Gill has managed to keep putting up with me.

She will tell you that i am not the easiest person in the world to live with as i am a real moody so-and-so when things don't go my way.

If medals were given for bravery above and beyond the call of marriage,then Gill would certainly qualify for 1.

Anyway,we are off out for a meal tonight to celebrate.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Classic B/W T.V.

Well the weather once again today has been pretty awfull. So,finding myself at a loose end i decided to put on a DVD but couldn't decide which one to watch. Aftere a few minutes of scanning the shelves i came accross The Munsters (season 1) box set which i was given last Christmas.
I have watched this show many times but still find it hillarious today,so i sat down and proceeded to watch it and still found myself laughing at away at the antics of Herman,Grandpa,Lilly,Marilyn and Eddie-America's first dysfunctional average family.
Other greats i like to watch over and over again are Phil Silvers (Sgt. Bilko)- & The original Adams Family. I was brought up watching these shows as a youngster and find them as funny today as they were 20 odd years ago when i fist saw them.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back again

Well here i go again..second time around for me doing this blog thing.
I inadvertantly deleted my previous blog when i was trying to delete some old posts..i guess i must have pressed the wrong button by mistake.
You all know the old saying..."A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"..well in my case it's true.

Not much happening this week as my wife and i are off work for the week...going nowhere and doing nothing except what ever needs doing around the house.

Both of our cats (Gypsy and Lucky) are both keeping well as are we.

This is Gypsy begging for her turn on the computer to play DF2. She's much better at it than i am.

Unfortunately,Lucky was camera shy today and decisded to go for another sleep before i could get the camera on him.