Saturday, August 26, 2006

The state of the country today

What has happened to this country these days?
School children can't even go to school without being attacked in broad daylight.
On Thursday,my work colleague received a phone call from his wife saying that their 17 year old daughter had been attacked on her back to school after lunch.
A woman sitting in her car witnessed the attack.
She said that the girl was running to school as she was late back. A man approached her and pushed her in the chest and then punched her in the face twice causing the girl to fall to the ground. He was about to lay the boot in when 2 men got out of their van and chased the guy,catching him half a mile away and detaining him until the police arrived.
The poor girl has her nose broken and face all battered and bruised.
It makes you wonder if it's safe putting your head out the front door these days.


At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

It's the crap we live in m8, i bet he gets a slap on the wrist and let off.

At 6:07 am, Blogger TINGLER said...

Aye,more than likely.
Somebody breaks into your house and you get done for protecting your loved ones and property and they get councilling coz u beat the shit out of them,where's the justice in that?

At 12:43 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

I remember watching an interview with Germain Greer on the television some time ago where she talked about a flat with a faulty door in a bad area. Advice from a policeman was simple. If you defend yourself in your own home when interviewed about it say one thing "they tryed to attack you and you feared for your life".

At 3:11 pm, Anonymous Bill Gates said...

Are you Dead Mr James?


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