Monday, August 21, 2006

Work..hazordous to your health.

While going about my daily working tasks on Friday,a slight accident occured which could have had fateful consequences.
i was unloadin a wagon which was delivering our stores restaurant stock when a cage riolled off his tail-lift and hit a stationary vehicle. Upon examining it the car had only superficial paint marks but no dents or bumps. Not the end of the saga though....while loading up his empty cages,his sdie tail lift came loose and 2 empty cages fell from 7 feet and hit the pavement narrowly missing an oncoming car.
If the driver of the car had not been as quick on his brakes as he was the cages would have gone through his wind screen.
Luckily there was no-one hurt and no damage caused.
Work can truly be hazordous to your health.


At 10:22 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

Fun and games mannie, fun and games! (you sure it fell and was'int pushed?)

At 8:30 pm, Blogger TINGLER said...

It fell m8.
Where's a camera when you need one.
Although i'm sure the Centre has it on there cams and are now planning putting together a new instructional health and safety video as we speak.


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